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Pyxis Insights

Bringing Your Customer’s Pulse To Your Fingertips.

A powerful combination of AI-led research and the finest quality audiences to help you make excellent marketing decisions.

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The World's Only All-In-One Intelligent Research Platform

Deep dive into customer perceptions of your brand, evaluate your innovations pipeline, and conduct real-time UI/UX testing all on one platform.


Innovation Research

Evaluate, validate and develop only the most demanded and profitable ideas.


Brand & Marketing Research

Analyze the impact of marketing activities on your brand's overall health.

Robust Features to Facilitate Quick Decision Making

Product, Sales, Brand, Marketing, equip every team with AI-led research efficiencies.


20+ Researches

Assess audiences’ pulse and market trends using over 20 types of research. Each research is carefully designed to help you arrive at profound insights that inform product, sales, brand and marketing strategies.

Launch Surveys With

2M+ Audiences

Launch surveys with a pool of varied, verified and bias-free respondents. We have joined hands with Lucid, Cint, InnovateMR, Toluna and Lightspeed to provide you with demographically and geographically diverse respondents.

Get AI Powered

Reporting & Analytics

Access quick and unique insights through our AI powered analytics. Conduct intense cohort deep-dives to understand how customer cross-sections within your macro target audience behave.


AI-Powered Audience Intelligence

Unlock profit potential by deep-diving into every audience niche and analyze how they behave. Our AI helps you create rich customer profiles and continuously refines them to help you conduct research with your most valuable audience segments.


Gamified Surveys

Draw and engage your customers through gamified surveys designed to increase survey quality, response and completion rates.


Response Rates

Gamified surveys have a proven record of improved response rates.


Completion Rates

Gamified surveys encourage customers to stay till the end of the survey.


Quality of Response

Gamified surveys motivate customers to stop and think about survey questions.

Research Efficiency

20+ Types of Research

Access over 20 types of research to decode customer perceptions, analyze impact of brand and marketing efforts, and improve the UI/UX of products, apps and websites.

Service Models

Pyxis Insights Blends Effortlessly With You

Enjoy our platform in a manner that suits your needs the best.



Use Pyxis Insights on your own.



Merge your expertise with ours.



Our experts will manage your platform.

Pyxis Insights

Make Smarter Decisions Now

Unlock critical customer, product, sales, brand and marketing insights and grow your business effortlessly.

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