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Research, create, execute, and repeat rapidly with Pyxis One's full-stack AI Infrastructure for marketing.

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Brands Using Our AI Infrastructure

A Robust Stack of AI-Led Features For The E-commerce Industry

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    Move faster than your customers' thumbs.

    Launch instant researches to understand how your customers interact with your e-commerce website, what interests them, at which point they drop off, and why they don't complete their transactions. 


    Create for your customers.

    Gather insights from your research and build personalized creatives that are designed to compel customers to move along your funnel and well past your point of transactions. 


    Fuel conversions with real-time monitoring 

    Go live with ads that are contextually relevant, well-targeted, continuously monitored, and actioned upon to give you high ROAS, and drive maximum transactions on your e-commerce website.

How To Get Started

Set your e-commerce business on the path of consistent growth with these AI-driven actions. 

  • 1

    Walk a mile in your customer's shoe.

    Understand exactly how your customer thinks so you can sell to them better. Conduct in-depth research to evaluate their behaviour along your e-commerce funnel, to ensure they associate your brand with positive attributes, to gauge loyalty, to access where they are struggling on your website, and so much more.

    Understand your customer holistically with best-in-class research features.

    • Custom survey builder
    • Custom analytics for custom surveys
    • Multiple kinds of market research 
    • Competition tracker 
    • NPS analysis 

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    Design ads your customers want to see.

    Draw insights from your customer research and design beautiful ads that personally appeal to them. Align your external and internal creative teams on one platform to enable seamless collaboration, comprehensive feedback, and quick approvals.

    Create quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently with features that enable smart work.  

    • Customer Approved Creatives
    • Smart creative automation
    • Data Management
    • Powerful filtration to find the right communication
    • Brand asset management

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  • 3

    Be present where your customers are.

    Refer to your research insights to understand which channels are most profitable for you, and go live with your personalized ads. Our AI will constantly monitor your campaign's performance and take actions to ensure that you are either achieving or, over-achieving your targets. 

    Increase transactions on your e-commerce website at a greatly reduced cost with these features.

    • Cross-platform optimization 
    • Auto-recommended targeting 
    • Contextual trigger-based creatives
    • Real-time action recommendations and execution
    • Engagement based creative sequencing
    • Real-time analytics and reporting
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    Analyze, create, iterate, and succeed.

    Use our AI efficiencies to conduct a holistic analysis and review of your entire campaign cycle. Access the complete AI learnings and set benchmarks for your e-commerce business before designing your next successful campaign. Data derived from these analyses can help you customize your marketing strategies better. 

    Improve your next e-commerce campaign research with these features.

    • Research panel relevancy map
    • Auto audience expansion 
    • Campaign auto-creation based on feedback
    • Custom AI-optimizer models
    • Cross-channel reporting
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