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Enter the Future

Codeless AI Infrastructure For Marketing

Establish a powerful AI blueprint to make marketing data-backed, intelligent, agile and effortlessly scalable.

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A powerful approach to drive incremental revenue for brands.

Amy Martin Ziegenfuss
SVP, Global Enterprise & Brand Marketing, Hilton


Sophisticated, innovative, transformative,
and yet so commonsensical.

Sandeep Bhandari
CRO & CSO, Affirm Inc


Truly the most formidable approach that will transform marketing forever.

Robert Schneider
Chief Content, Development & Strategy Officer,
Learfield IMG College
The Fundamentals

Decoding AI Infrastructure

A comprehensive and exhaustive guide to help you understand and implement AI infrastructure for marketing effortlessly.


Dedicated AI Models

Access an ecosystem of dedicated AI models that constantly learn, communicate and optimize your consumer intelligence and marketing efficiency.


Deep Learning Insights

Intelligent, real-time action and impact analysis enabling detection of unique market, product, sales and customer insights.


Ideation Efficiency

Enable data backed, performance-driven campaign ideation through creative analysis of brand and industry trends.


Communication Individualization

Understand the ideal intersection between brand message and customer interest to create highly bespoke communication.


Programmatic Communication

Deploy richly individualized, highly contextual and engaging communication to your entire target audience.


Real-Time Strategy Monitor

Refine subsequent campaigns through real-time campaign analysis and feedback systems that support the AI.

The Growth Calculator

The Power of AI Infrastructure for Marketing

Estimate the increase in efficiencies contributing to business growth in your industry.

Understand the impact of AI infrastructure on four key areas of marketing.

Discover Pyxis One

Equipping Marketers With An Ecosystem of AI Products

Explore intelligent marketing opportunities with an AI ecosystem of products, built to help you leverage data to update your marketing strategy in real-time.

All-In-One Intelligent Research

Transform business decisions with AI-led research powering excellent and deep insights into your consumer’s minds.

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Creative Collaboration, Corroboration & Creation

Enhance brand identity with AI-led deep learning creative insights and real-time customer feedback.

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Programmatic Advertising Configured for Scale

Accelerate business growth with complex contextual AI systems built to ensure brands function at peak efficiency.

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Effortless Social Media Management

Build AI-powered social media strategies to establish and enhance brand equity.

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3 Billion+

Data Points Analyzed

28 Million+

AI Actions Taken

3.1 Million+

Personas Analyzed

6.5 Million+

Dynamic Creatives
Harnessing Potential

The Power of AI

The learning based contextual AI is trained with every minute data point accumulated over time, to aid in informing and refining marketing decisions in real-time.

Pyxis One AI Infrastructure Integrations

The Pyxis One ecosystem of products integrate seamlessly with your existing ad, design, data representation and CRM systems.

Numbers Speak

Global powerhouses deploy our codeless AI infrastructure to improve organizational agility, strengthen brand health, and accelerate business growth.


Increase in
Organization Agility


Improvement in
Marketing Mix


Quicker Speed to


Uplift in Data

The Framework

Full Stack AI Infrastructure for Marketing

Build your AI Infrastructure with powerful research, creative and performance features that fuel your marketing objectives and strategies at every level.

Targeting Auto-Recommender

Identify your most relevant audience segments.

AI-Led Design Analysis

Decode every facet of your creatives with AI.

Contextual Creative Triggers

Right creative, right time, right platform, always.

AI-Led Creative Automation

Design creatives with complex layer combinations.

Automated Audience Expansion

Expand and combine audiences based on performance.

Custom Tactics

Build advanced automation strategies.

Smart Search & Tagging

Tag all your campaigns and keep them search-ready for future camapigns.

Custom Survey Builder

Build surveys from scratch and use logics that are built into our platform.

Gamified Surveys

Increase response length and quality with gamified survey templates.

Live API Integration

Integrate live event APIs into your creatives.

Alert Triggers

Stay on top of your numbers with AI rasing the red flag for you.

Drop-Off Audience Targeting

Engage with audience segments that drop off.

Real-Time Interactive Reporting

Understand whats working for you in real time.

Auto-Campaign Creation

Analyze past data to refine future campaigns.

Target-Driven Optimization

Optimize campaigns to achieve business objectives.

Cross-Platform Metric Normalization

Compare results across channels to measure efficiency on a normalized scale.

Workspace Management for Creative Teams

Align your entire creative team on one platform and allow seamless collaboration.

Real-Tme Research Analytics

Access robust analytics and reporting for all surveys on one smart dashboard.

20+ Research Types

Conduct every type of research to get a comprehensive view of your brand health.

Workspace Management for Research Teams

Align your entire brand and research team on one platform.

Cohort Level Reporting

Deep dive into your focus personas to refine future strategies.

Smart Resizing

Create 1000s of resizes instantly and edit all sizes at once.


Growth Caffeine

Listen to some of the sharpest and most unique perspectives through candid conversations with entrepreneurs, CMOs, venture capitalists, growth hackers, technology experts, and data scientists.

Discovering Potential

Build Your AI Infrastructure Now

Explore and understand how you can implement AI infrastructure for marketing in your organization.

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